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Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. Hippocrates
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3 ingredient Kraut juice recipe

Bottles of kraut juice


Sally Fallon, acclaimed author of Nourishing Traditions says sauerkraut has 200 times more bioavailable vitamin C because the fermenting process makes the nutrients from the cabbage more digestible and available! That’s a darn good reason right there to get fermented right? Well maybe it is and maybe it isn’t . If you are wanting to ferment food and drinks for medicine for good gut health, I suggest you start slow with kraut juice. Don’t haul off and go nuts with fermented food and drinks like I did. 

Reason being, if your immune system has been compromised through illness, chances are your gut is in desperate need of healing and sealing. So all of the effort and energy you put into fermenting could well be wasted if your gut isn’t able to absorb nutrients. 

 I’ve been fermenting for food medicine for almost 3 years now and suspect that what I’ve been doing has assisted my health and healing, but not to it’s fullest potential. Which is why I’ve more recently decided to follow the Gut and Psychology (GAPs) protocol. Having  GAPs Practitioner Elyse Comerford and Health Coach Kathleen O’Keeffe as close friends and colleagues has helped! I am delighted to say I am making great progress on my GAPs journey so far but it’s by no means been a walk in the park. I seriously don’t know how people follow intense health protocols like this on their own. So if you are considering good gut health and need some support I highly  recommend these two professionals.  Oh and tell them I sent you ok?

Knowing Vitamin C is an incredible detoxer and essential to GAPs patients, kraut juice is now in my ‘medicine cabinet’. And the best part to Sally Fallon’s recipe is that it’s straightforward and easy to make. 

ps: make sure you use organic produce whenever possible. That way you’re guaranteed the cleanest purest form of nutrients you can get.

Bottles of kraut juice


1 large organic cabbage

6 tablespoons of salt

Filtered water


Chop cabbage as finely as possible and add salt.

Use a food processor on fine grate or a mandolin if you don’t want to hand chop. The finer the cabbage the easier and quicker the cell walls will open and release their nutrients. 

Pound if you feel the need or give the kraut a quick massage. I use 3 or 4 large glass jars and add about a third of the cabbage mix to the jars.

Fill the rest of the jar with filtered water, put the lid on and leave sit in a dark area for up to 8 days in warm climates then move to the 

Make sure you lids are on tight to avoid mould sneaking in. 

You can strain if you want to but there is no rule saying you must do so. 


If you have severe histamine reactions allow to ferment for up to 16 weeks. 

If you are following the GAPs protocol make sure you do exactly what is stated at each stage. 

If you are not following a health protocol and simply want to introduce this to your diet, start out with half a teaspoon a day for children and up to a full teaspoon a day for adults. Build up to 30mil a day by the second week and continue to gauge how your body responds. I also encourage you to keep a health journal to record your reactions/responses. 


Love Bron x x


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