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5 top fermenting blogs to follow

I have been very blessed over the years to have developed a passion for online learning. Having been a nerd most of my life, it was a natural progression for me to take to the world wide web like a duck to water! Living in a remote region of Australia, I have had to find other ways to search for and find my tribes.

Nowadays it’s normal for us to go straight to Google with a question on any topic. But back in the day when Google didn’t dominate our lives, I remember finding some amazing information online that I simply couldn’t source locally. And while researching online can be like trying to take a drink from a fire hydrant,Fermenting topics


I find we tend to do what the research says we do best, and that’s trust trusted recommendations. In fact, did you know market research suggests we will buy from a trusted recommendation up to 71% of the time? So here are some all time fermenting favourites that I constantly return to for wisdom, validation and connection:

Cultured Food Life Donna Schwenk is the Diva of Fermenting! She’s a wealth of information and a shareaholic of great content and no hard selling. I really rate her knowledge, wisdom and experience and her no nonsense approach.

Dominic N Anfiteatro I have to warn you, this site was built on an old platform, and though it’s ancient looking in layout, it’s jam packed full of tips, tricks, products and wisdom. Dom is considered to the king of fermentation in Australia and both he and his wife Sandra and very kind and helpful. If you have any trouble navigating their site please let me know as I’d be happy to assist.

Kombucha Kamp – Hannah Crum is awesome! Unbeknown to her, she virtually held my hand back in the early days of me kicking off my second love affair with kombucha in 2009.

Nourishing treasures Lea has a stack of info not just on fermenting and has a very easy to navigate site.

Wellness Mama – Katie is ahhhh-mazing! Like Hannah she doesn’t know I exist, and similarly her information and experience supported me on my early kefir journey. She’s a trusted resource and has solid experience that I trust.

Wild Fermenting – Sandor Katz is like a demigod to me! He’s the king of kraut and author of Wild Fermentation, The Art of Fermentation and a list of other well written resources.

How about you? Do you have favourite trusted sources that you return to again and again? In this busy world where so many of us are time poor, I’m continually finding the need to streamline and buy back time. Would you be kind enough to let me know if any of these links are helpful to you and why? Have fun!

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