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Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. Hippocrates
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6 things you need to know about Sauerkraut

These two little beauties are my all time favourites ferments. Packed with probiotic goodness, ruby red on the left, punches above her weight hands down. While my summer ferment on the right is a quick turn around that I actually ferment in the fridge (more about that later) and therefore doesn’t have the high dosage of probiotics of a well aged kraut, it is pre-digested enough for my gut to be grateful. 

Pre-digested goodness is important for promoting good gut health. It not only delivers friendly flora to the whole digestive tract, which is kinda like a national highway with loads of little towns and big cities connected to it, but it helps reduce the work load already going on in your gut.

So here’s six solid facts to remember when it comes to fermenting sauerkraut for food medicine. By the way, did you know that sauerkraut literally means sour cabbage? 

Fact 1: Basically,  various lactic acid bacteria eat the sugar in the cabbage, creating a healthy source of vitamins C, B and K.  

Fact 2: The fermentation process then increases the bioavailability of these nutrients making it far more nutritious fermented then in it’s raw state. 

Fact 3: High in magnesium and calcium, kraut is a good source of fibre, folate, iron, potassium, copper and manganese. 

Fact 4: Unpasteurised kraut contains beneficial microbes and loads of live lactobacilli and enzymes.

Fact 5: Probiotics promote healthy bowel and gut flora in the digestive tract. 

Fact 6: Raw sauerkraut is lacto fermented for a minimum of 4 weeks, and filled with healthy live bacteria and probiotics. Lactic acid balances stomach pH in both directions, creates and boosts good gut flora and helps break down protein.

So what are you waiting for? Go get your kraut on and #getfermented

Ruby red and light and lovely sauerkraut

Ruby red kraut and 4 day summer ferment

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