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Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. Hippocrates
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Turmeric Kombucha

II’m a little bit addicted to turmeric and a whole lot addicted to Kombucha, so I got to thinking I should experiment and make a turmeric tea base, add a SCOBY to it, leave it brew and see what happened. And guess what? Wahooo, the brew

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How to Burp Kombucha

As you can see I keep my second ferment Kombucha in upcycled pre love pretty bottles. After my ferment has brewed for a minimum of 6 days, I choose some sexy flavours

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Dark Grape Kombucha

Oh my goodness! This delicious drop almost had me on my knees with delight! The base of it is my standard first ferment kombucha using green and rooibos as the base tea. You can find my recipe here under How to Make Kombucha. The second ferment is when I added

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How to make Kombucha in the Tropics

I first started making Kombucha tea (KTea) in the early ’90s, and like a lot of things, once we moved to Darwin Northern Territory Australia, I forgot about it. Fast forward to 2009 when I was reminded during a health crisis of the benefits of Kombucha and I quickly fanned the flames to reignite my…

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Jack fruit and turmeric Kombucha

This is my second round at brewing Kombucha for health reason. To get some amazing recipes, ideas and insights be sure to check out Hannah Crum and discover a whole new world of KT (kombucha tea). Well known for it’s probiotic

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Psychic friend reconnects me & Kombucha

My love affair with Kombucha tea began back in the early ‘90’s when a most beautiful Yoga Swami called Usha introduced me to it.  Usha’s sparkling violet eyes matched the bubbles in the ‘buch’ and if she said it was a powerful elixr for good health, that was good enough for me. (btw kombucha, is a non…

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