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Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. Hippocrates
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Water kefir

Rooibos and Chamomile Water Kefir

I’ve been making water kefir for a few years now and while I said ages ago that it’s not my first preference when it comes to ferments, it has been slowly sneaking up the ladder.  If you have experienced adrenal fatigue like I have, you will know that caffeine is our enemy. While it will…

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Water kefir with kick

Water kefir has to be one of the easiest ferments I make. That and beet kvass. I didn’t use to like water kefir and put it on the bottom of my list for ferments. Not now! Once I understood the importance of adding black strap molasses, bi-carb soda, crushed egg shell and lemon that is.  …

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Why water kefir isn’t one of my favourite ferments

I used to love water kefir – and I mean love it! That was until I found out from Donna Schwenk that it ranks the lowest on the list for probiotic health benefits, and that my beloved coconut milk kefir is King! Donna says that water kefir can at most only deliver 10 strains of…

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Tricks and tips for brewing water kefir in the tropics

  I’ve been making Kombucha for years and only started playing with milk kefir a few years ago, and water kefir this year. I don’t blog about the health benefits of probiotics as there is loads of information online. Sandor Katz is the Messiah of modern day fermenting and his site “Wild Fermenting” is well worth…

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Experimenting with water Kefir in the Tropics

My first attempt at making water kefir ended up in the compost – a disaster to say the least! I gave up on it for awhile and returned my attention to my favourite coconut milk kefir and Kombucha while playing with a few other ferments such as Kvass and Sauerkraut. Then my husband found a…

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