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Coconut Milk Kefir experiment with fresh and dehydrated grains

I’ve had a bit of a hard time sourcing fresh milk kefir grains in Darwin NT. I’m sure there are plenty of people up here in northern Australia fermenting kefir, I just haven’t found too many of them – yet! I’m on a mission to do that though and have recently registered with a data base in 

Canada, via Instagram and have made contact with PinkFarm in Far North Queensland to be added to their data base as well. I also managed to source some grains from them PinkFarm, for which I’m grateful. My first preference is to source local produce and connect with locals to share tips and ideas for what works best in our environment. So as a way of testing if I can get more out of my fresh grains from PinkFarm, (which by the way you can’t compare the end product with the dehydrated but hey I knew no better until I’d had fresh) I’ve added some activated dehydrated grains. 

Here’s my fresh grains: they need to spend time reenergising in raw unpasteurised cow’s milk before draining them and adding to coconut milk. You can check out my fave recipe here

And here’s the dehydrated grains waking up in the same kinda cow’s milk. All milk kefir grains need this to interact with the lactose enzymes to produce a healthy probiotic kefir end product. These little fellas are so minute, even after straining, I couldn’t visibly see them. 

So, what I did was take about a desert spoon of fresh grains, and a heaped tablespoon of the dehydrated grains still in cow’s milk, as a starter culture and added them both to a 450 mil can of quality coconut milk and an equal quantity of filtered water.  Popped them all in this wide mouth jar, and covered with a piece of clean linen cloth and sealed it with a rubber band, then left sit outside away from direct sunlight for about 6 hours. 

And Voila! 

Taste wise, it’s slightly different to standard fresh milk kefir grains, however to untrained taste buds, I don’t know that it would be noticeable enough to comment. 

Interestingly as I strained this pot to put aside the fresh grains in cow’s milk, the grains looked plumper. I’m hoping I haven’t done anything destructive to the fresh grains and vice versa – I’ll keep you posted and would love to know what kind of kefir experiments you’ve played with and what type of results you got. 

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  1. Liana Page on February 20, 2015 at 1:37 pm

    Hello, My partner has ross river and I am trying to change our lifestyle to clean and healthy, no processed foods, only whole foods etc. I would like to try Kefir. I live in
    Palmerston. Are you able to advise where I can get live Kefir grains or a scoby
    so I can try Kefir on my sick partner? Your help is appreciated
    cheers Liana

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