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Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. Hippocrates
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Easy Vegan Choc Ginger Mousse

 I have decided I would have to be one of the laziest cooks in the world who doesn’t compromise on quality nutrition! I made this classy snack today and felt so decadent about it. I have that many food intolerances including dairy, wheat, gluten, barley, rye, oats, soy, sugar (natural as well as manufactured) blah blah blah! I’ve come to realise that I really miss certain textures and this little baby has filled a gap for me in this space. I do play a lot with chia seeds but this texture is something else! I could even let myself eat it for breakfast, side by side with an organic coconut milk coffeechino. Hmmmm I need more avos for that 😉


1 small avocado
1 thumb of chopped fresh ginger
1/4 cup chilled coconut milk
splash of stevia
1 heaped tbsp cacoa


Peel and seed avocado and blend all ingredients. I used a stick blender in a stainless steel large milkshake mug.

Chill and enjoy!