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Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. Hippocrates
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Fermenting FAQs

When you first start out,  fermenting can be pretty overwhelming.  It’s a whole new language, and if you’re fermenting for food medicine you will be hypervigilant about good gut health as you should be. Remember to start out slow, as fermented food IS medicine. Some people are tempted to guzzle a glass of kombucha or a bowl of kraut all because it tastes so yummy without even realising that they’re probably going to put their body into toxic shock. 

Hint: Start collecting shot glasses as they are a perfect vessel to measure your dose of fermented goodness. Plus they dress up the whole medicine look don’t they? 

Now the crazy thing is, the actual process of preparing for fermenting is very basic. What’s not talked about enough is how daunting the first phase of fermentation can be. All sorts of unknown experiences unfold leaving us questioning:

“are bubbles normal in kombucha?”

“What is a SCOBY?”

“Is that mould or an ooglie?”

“What’s an ooglie?”

“How can you tell when sauerkraut is off?”

“What is that white stuff floating on top of my sauerkraut?”

“What does burping mean?”

“Is it safe to use a metal strainer?”

And the list goes on! I’ve dedicated a section to the most common fermenting questions in an attempt to help you out.  I remember how I felt when I started fermented after an almost 20 year break – I was terrified! So trust me when I say, as you get the hang of it, you will grow your confidence and hopefully be fermenting for life!

I’ve have listed some frequently asked fermenting questions under the following headings. Just click on the title for your fermenting questions:





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