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Milk Kefir FaQs

Milk Kefir FaQs

These are just a few frequently asked questions about fermenting milk kefir and my humble responses.

My milk kefir grains are clumping together. Is this normal?

Yes this is normal! The best thing to do is thoroughly wash and dry your hands then gently pull the grains apart. This will ensure they kefir your milk quicker.

Are milk kefir grains really grains?

No. As to why they were even called grains in the first place remains a mystery. Grains can vary in size and colour and tend to change their capacity to retain fluid when used in different milks. For example they can become quite heavy when strictly using dairy. I swap between both cow and coconut and find the coconut milks seems to ‘tidy up’ the grains by removing excess milk.

Is it safe to eat the grains?

If you have a surplus, yes! They are  full of probiotics and have a chewy texture.

Will my grains go off?

This remains to be seen. I’ve had grains in milk at the back of the fridge for 4 weeks while on holidays, and had no trouble activating them. If your grains seem slow, you can give them a dose of cream and they’ll repay you for it.

Do I have to rest my grains in cow’s milk every 24 hours?

No, you don’t have to. But you do need to reactivate MK in dairy 2 or 3 times a week.

Do I have to change the resting milk every 24 hours?

I’ve tested this and left mine for up to a week and not noticed any significant change.

Can I use the milk the grains have rested in?

Yes! In the early days I used to throw this out. Not any more. Strain the grains and restrain the milk to make labneh (recipe here).


I am sure there are far more extensive blogs and resources available and encourage you to search them out too. Here’s a link to some of my favourite fermenting sites

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