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Water Kefir FaQs

Water Kefir FaQs

These are just a few frequently asked questions about fermenting water kefir and my humble responses.

Are water kefir grains really grains?

No they are not! In fact they don’t even look like grains! They are in fact tiny SCOBYs (symbiotic community of bacteria and yeast) that look more like clusters of set gelatin than grain.

Can you eat water kefir grains?

If you have ample, than yes you can! An acquired taste, they can be added to smoothies etc for an added nutritional boost.

Does water kefir rate as highly as milk kefir nutritionally?

No it doesn’t. I like to think of it as a healthy alternative to soft drinks or flavoured soda. Depending on the ingredients used, it can have a reasonably high probiotic content, but it’s nowhere near as high as milk kefir.

Why isn’t my water kefir fizzy?

Remember this is a living organism and can change with the weather and what’s happening in the environment, let alone the different types of ingredients you add. Most folk report that a pinch of bi-carb soda, a scrape of lemon peel and a dash of dried and crushed organic egg shell will boost even the flattest of ferments. And a splash of black strap molasses doesn’t hurt either.

Do I have to have a lid on my first ferment water kefir?

No you don’t have to – but if you want a fizzy ferment I strong advise you do so. Ensuring there is enough space between the liquid and the lid will also add to the fizz.

There are far more extensive blogs and resources available and I encourage you to search them out. Click here to see some of my favourite fermenting sites. 

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