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Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. Hippocrates
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Fermenting for food medicine

Get Fermented Gut Instincts

Get Fermented Gut Instincts

Fermenting for food medicine is a part of my every day life. It’s not something that I think about doing every now and again, because fermented foods and drinks literally are my medication. In fact I’ve developed such a rhythm around fermenting, I sometimes find myself doing it competently and unconsciously!  So teaching about the art and the alchemy of fermenting isn’t something I think about as work. It’s more like strong threads in the fabric of my vocation, that without it, my fabric would be weaker, lesser and lacking.

I see teaching as a way of supporting you on your fermenting and wellness journey, and as you grow your fermenting confidence you will inevitably go on to teach others, share with others and do your bit in the food revolution.

I love hearing from participants how they leave my workshops, go home and call someone to share what they learned. One of my favourite stories was hearing from a participant who rang her elderly dad interstate, and within 48 hours had him fermenting! From a health coaching perspective as well as from a hands on “I ain’t taking methotrexate for my auto-immune dis-ease no more” angle consuming fermented food and drinks is a no brainer. After taking methotrexate 12 months and feeling like crap I told my specialist that I was going off the meds and intended to ramp up my fermenting mojo. He groaned and rolled his eyes, and I left all the more committed to continuing to experiment to my hearts desire (and probably to my husbo’s horror).  Seriously, on any given day our kitchen can look like an ongoing science experiment. And our fridge is jam packed with at least a dozen different ferments on any given day and bench space is limited because of my ferments. And I love it!

With a shit tonne of experience, I see myself as an expert of experiential learning, sharing my trials and tribulations along the way. So when I heard about Megan Henry creator of Gut Instinct Super Foods producing local sauerkraut, I reached out to her, a fellow fermenter! I wanted her to know that I was in full support of what she was doing and wanted to support her. She was kind of surprised about my approach, but none the less took up my offer to meet with me. After a little bit of gentle coaching coupled with some strong business advice, I scored 5 free jars of her ferments and she left with a list of tasks a mile long.

And the results? Well she ticked those tasks off her list, and her business is registered,  has been fully assessed by the government regulatory body and her stock now proudly sits on the shelves of Wicked NRG. 

But wait, that’s not the end of this story – not for me anyway. You see when Megan and I first met, she mentioned that one of her krauts was called “Raw” and I asked her why, as all kraut is technically raw. She talked about how she wanted a basic kraut that didn’t have anything other than cabbage and salt and thought the name ‘Raw’ fitted. I laughed and suggested she call it “Naked” instead. 

And so she did!

This, this gesture from someone in my community who I hardly knew took my breath away. I now have a sauerkraut named in dedication to me! Naked Sauerkraut by Gut Instinct Super Foods reminds me that I have contributed in a tiny way to this amazing woman’s success. And I like that feeling! It’s because of that feeling that I pay it forward wherever and whenever I can. Because you can’t buy that feeling. 

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