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Intuitive Portugese Prawns

Ok so it’s not very often these days, that my cooking really impresses my husband, but this intuitive recipe impressed him so much, he asked me to write it down! I thought I’d go one better and make a blog post, that way I don’t run the risk of losing the piece of paper I might write it down on a put in a ‘safe’ place 🙂


2 doz green banana prawns peeled and deveined

half a small capsicum and 2 green shallots

1/2 packet Norgan wheat free pasta spirals

1/2 carton lactose free cream

3tbsp Portugese marinade

1tbsp virgin olive oil

1dstp butter


Toss prawns through marinade, cover and put in fridge for an hour (mine ended up in the fridge for 2 hours while I went to yoga and they were yummy).

Cook pasta according to packet instructions and preferred taste.

While pasta is cooking:

Slice capsicum and shallots.

Heat oil and butter and place prawns one at a time in to pan. (I don’t add the marinade to avoid stewing.)

Cook in batches for 2 minutes and remove from pan. Add cream to pan, toss prawns through.

Drain pasta and toss that in with the prawns, top with capsicum and shallots, give it one more quick stir, serve and enjoy!

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