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Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. Hippocrates
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My First Post!

My personal Mandala created by Margie's Mandala's Adelaide SA

Magic Mandala Moments

Okay so here goes! I have been told to just sit and write ~ even if it is only 10 minutes in the morning and the same at another point in the day… So how come I am so nervous about this? I want to start how I want to finish, and even in writing that I realise that my first post does not need to be perfect, it simply needs to be! Oh and I am sure an editor out there will say stop using so many exclamation marks ~ well if you knew you me, you wouldn’t say that!!!! Ooops, back to purpose ~ that’s one of my ‘things’ ~ stay focused and be clear about my purpose, as I can easily drift off into a stream of consciousness and write and write and write … but not here… I promise I will not do that here… well not in my first post lol…

Purpose Purpose Purpose

My intention is to create a connected community within the parameters of an emotionally safe environment for us to explore the richness of who we are. My focus is on developing a Series of activities focused on  Self Care ~ Self Pace ~ Self Love within a Sacred Space. My intention is to ‘test drive’ these activities through inviting you to participate in a number of  organically facilitated Challenges on a particular topic. If you choose to participate, each Challenge will require you to take full responsibility for how you engage and to completely own your experience.

A very beautiful thing just happened!!! A baby bird just fluttered and nose dived onto our front deck as I am sitting here writing.  I am sure it was her first solo flight and she came and showed me that everyone has to start someone if they’re going to spread their wings and fly! Truly, she hit the wall, turned around and then landed on a small, high table just a meter from where I am sitting. And she just sat there catching her breath while I talked to her!  What a lovely message to get ~ perfect timing!!!

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