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Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. Hippocrates
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Raw Energy Salad

This is so yummy! there are loads of versions of this salad and is only limited by the imagination 🙂 Raw food is quick and easy food and so kind to the digestive system!

Raw Energy Salad (I use organic wherever possible)

Raw Energy Salad

1 small beetroot

1 small carrot

1 handful fresh hulled mung beans

1 handful fresh rocket

1 handful salad greens

Method: Wash greens and tear into bite size pieces. Wash and hull sprouts. Peel and grate beetroot and carrot. Assemble on plate and enjoy!

Extras I enjoy are pommegranite dressing and nutty protein crunch. I have also had this with orange and poppy seed dressing – equally divine though not as sharp as the pomme dressing 🙂 maybe a crushed clove added to the orange and poppy seed dressing might give it a bit more zing!

Nutty Protein Crunch

1 small handful roasted almonds

1 tbsp crushed peanuts

1 tsp dried and fried red onions

crush almonds in mortar & pestle and sprinkle over salad then drizzle with dressing

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