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Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. Hippocrates
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Yoga, self care and sacred space

I am learning on a daily basis that I take my sacred space with me no matter where I go. Symbols representing sacredness to me are scattered throughout my whole life. Things like a beautiful odd shaped bottle with a redback spider painted on it, filled with sand from where I grew up, an old piece of wood our son carved “I love you”

over 17 years ago, a battered old guitar that holds tunes from another era, shells collected in memory of my grandmother, rosary beads from my mother, mala beads from Dharma Vidya, buddhas, bowls, candles and crystals that all hold sacred meaning for me.

When we packed up and took off on a ‘journey without a destination’ 11 years ago, there were three essential items I knew I couldn’t live without: my yoga mat, my guitar and my sewing machine. And all these years later these three ‘things’ still hold great sacred meaning for me.  I’ve been known to sit under a tree and torture anyone within earshot as I wailed and strummed my often out of tune guitar, singing from the depth of my soul because I just had to! I’ve also set my sewing machine up under a shady tree on a camp table and of course sun salutations and yoga nidra can be performed just about anywhere…

Dragging my yoga mat with me is standard practice, however a couple of Sundays ago, I flew to Canberra. A long flight, and a late arrival saw me leave my mat at home. I knew I wasn’t going to have time to ‘do’ yoga, and seeing as though I have yoga nidra on my iphone  I figured this would suffice. However, I realised that for the first time in many years of air travel, I felt a bit lost without my mat… And yet, if I’m totally honest, it’s not as though I do hatha yoga as religiously as I would like to, so it got me thinking… What was it all about anyway? Doesn’t sacred space exist internally and externally?

On reflection I have realised that my mat has become deeply symbolic of my commitment to self care and sacred space, even if I don’t do my stretching. Another really interesting thing  I discovered while in Canberra, was a Tibetan prayer bowl in the back of the room of the forum I attended. I was fascinated at how comforted I felt on bringing the bowl to life and sharing it’s vibrations with the group.

I believe knowing what nurtures and soothes our soul, and gives us a sense of comfort and connection is crucial in navigating a sustainable head & heart connected lifestyle.  Most days I yearn for peace and quiet and want all the cars to drive somewhere else, a long way away from me!  Turning off the noise around me gives me a sense of a clear palate – I hear the wind and the birds and feel nourished by their purity. What nurtures and soothes your soul? Do you have symbols that just by touching or seeing, you feel calm and centered? Or is there a favourite song or piece of music that as soon as you hear it, transports in a heartbeat? Is there a scent that grabs you like no other? Nag Champa will always resurrect memories of pure bliss for me and take me back to another sacred time and space… Or is there a sacred food that does it for you?

I’d love to hear your thoughts, and will leave you with some interesting tidbits on Ayurveda. Ayu means life and Veda means knowledge, therefore Ayurveda means the science of life – another passion of mine! So, if you want to, think about what it is that nurtures you and see if it correlates to the following:

Ether = Organ is Ears = Sense is Hearing (try closing your eyes and using your ears to hear)

Air = Organ is Skin = Sense is touch

Fire = Organ is Eyeball = Sense is seeing (cover your ears or use ear plugs and SEE without hearing)

Water = Organ is tongue = Sense is taste

Earth = Organ is nose – Sense is smell

And if you happen to be into The Five Love Languages there have been some even more amazing correlations made:

Ether = Verbal Appreciation

Air = Meaningful Touch

Fire = Gifts

Water = Acts of Service

Earth = Quality Time

Fascinating stuff huh?

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  1. secret santa on November 9, 2010 at 6:58 am

    Hi Bronwyn

    My life is filled with symbols…from treasured pieces that belonged to my parents to songs that can lift me up or bring me crying to my knees.
    With every song I can attach a person to it and be transported back to a time when we were together.
    At work I carry a gratitude rock that grounds me when the days events unfold into anxious moments..breathing.

    My writing is a strong symbol of my life and all I hold sacred.

    Thanks for sharing

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