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Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. Hippocrates
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Sprouts in the tropics


I first started sprouting legumes 35 years ago – and typically started off with mung beans of course! I’ve since moved up in the world and have experimented with sunflower seeds, lentils, snow peas, wheat grass, alfalfa, quinoa and a few other now forgotten grains/legumes. The tray on the left is wheat grass, on the right is mung and alfalfa at the back. I tend to soak my seeds/grains/legumes overnight – rinse them a few times the next day then cover with a gauze or wide weave linen cloth, secure with a rubber band and tip upside down on the dish drainer.

Depending on the heat and humidity, I can have quinoa sprouts within hours (thank you dear Anne) whereas the mung and wheat grass can take up to 4 days. It simply depends on how much water, how often you rinse them and how hot it is. I just experiment and go by the taste test!

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