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Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. Hippocrates
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Experimenting with water Kefir in the Tropics

My first attempt at making water kefir ended up in the compost – a disaster to say the least! I gave up on it for awhile and returned my attention to my favourite coconut milk kefir and Kombucha while playing with a few other ferments such as Kvass and Sauerkraut. Then my husband found a…

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Smashed turmeric coconut drink

  I know I bang on about how lazy I am when it comes to preparing healthy nutritious foods and drinks, but this is stupid ridiculously easy! And given the amount of fresh turmeric I’ve got growing together with the health benefits, why wouldn’t I want to use this daily? I found these top 20…

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Red, raw and chocolate

I was literally just playing with these yummy ingredients when this experiment became a recipe and am still astonished at how good it tasted! You could ditch the almonds and just make a sauce with

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Easy Apple Snack

I’m often looking for something that will sustain me while I’m blogging and can’t be bothered preparing too much. This is a kinda throw it together and just enjoy snack. Ingredients

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