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Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. Hippocrates
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I had heard a lot about this fermented drink but not being a coffee fan had over looked it – until now. And guess what? I think I have a new addiction! There is something very decadent about this ferment and I haven’t figured out whether it’s because it tastes so very different to any…

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Medicinal Green Papaya Leaf Kombucha

As a dedicated health coach fermenting and foraging for food medicine is part of everyday life for me. I am always looking to my garden for what I can access as food medicine. Both my maternal and paternal grandmothers swore by papaya for good digestion (we grew up calling it pawpaw). In fact my paternal…

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Fermented Flu Fighter

I got knocked down bad by a flu earlier a few months back, and when I say bad, I’ve not had anything like it for years. Fevers, shivers and no energy at all left my moving from the bed to the couch and was no fun at all. The shite of it is that I…

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How to make Kombucha in the Tropics

I first started making Kombucha tea (KTea) in the early ’90s, and like a lot of things, once we moved to Darwin Northern Territory Australia, I forgot about it. Fast forward to 2009 when I was reminded during a health crisis of the benefits of Kombucha and I quickly fanned the flames to reignite my…

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Raw Energy Salad

This is so yummy! there are loads of versions of this salad and is only limited by the imagination 🙂 Raw food is quick and easy food and so kind to the digestive system! Raw Energy Salad (I use organic wherever possible) 1 small beetroot 1 small carrot 1 handful fresh hulled mung beans 1…

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Basil Tea & Intuition

Yesterday I made myself basil tea. I have grown basil for years and never really knew the healing properties of this magnificent herb. A friend recently introduced me to Tulsi tea which was delicious and got me thinking, why not make my own? As I write, I am sipping my iced tea and thought I…

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