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Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. Hippocrates
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Dragon fruit coconut milk kefir

This has to be one of the most lush coconut milk kefir combos  I’ve tasted yet! Pure and simple, it’s just straight up fermented coconut milk with chopped up blood red dragon fruit and nothing else! Yep that’s right, nothing else added! Can you believe that? The pot above has the exact same ingredients as the…

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Fermented Flu Fighter

I got knocked down bad by a flu earlier a few months back, and when I say bad, I’ve not had anything like it for years. Fevers, shivers and no energy at all left my moving from the bed to the couch and was no fun at all. The shite of it is that I…

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Crunchy rainbow salad

  I’ve taken to my food processor with gusto these past few weeks, as a way of supporting my 30 days #rawfood for lunch commitment to creating new and improved eating habits and shedding some unwanted weight!

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Easy detox raw salad

I’m on a health kick this month and am doing my best to have raw food for lunch every day. So far so good! I don’t like having to think too hard about food and prefer to be able to just buy good food and then

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Easy cauliflower riced pizzas

When I first saw this recipe I hesitated for a number of reasons, including trying to gauge the level of difficulty and curiosity regarding the final result of taste/texture. I’m so glad I persisted, and with a little bit of encouragement from my sister Julie,

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Raw Energy Salad

This is so yummy! there are loads of versions of this salad and is only limited by the imagination 🙂 Raw food is quick and easy food and so kind to the digestive system! Raw Energy Salad (I use organic wherever possible) 1 small beetroot 1 small carrot 1 handful fresh hulled mung beans 1…

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