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Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. Hippocrates
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7 quick sauerkraut tips

I love sauerkraut – in fact I’d have to say it’s king in my fermenting kingdom! What I’ve learned about making kraut in the tropics however, is that you really need to keep it close by in the early days, especially in the grotty build up when the heat and humidity is intense. So here…

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6 things you need to know about Sauerkraut

These two little beauties are my all time favourites ferments. Packed with probiotic goodness, ruby red on the left, punches above her weight hands down. While my summer ferment on the right is a quick turn around that I actually ferment in the fridge (more about that later) and therefore doesn’t have the high dosage…

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Coco loco choc smoothie

  Ok so I am in lurve with my nutribullet! I’ve had this little gadget for 15 days and have used it at least once every day since it arrived! I usually make a green drink every day as I’m finding I can consume more quality greens this way and give my poor old digestives…

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Spinach and ginger smoothie

This is an easy peasy smoothie to make to tickle your taste buds and kick start your digestives. I prefer organic and locally sourced ingredients wherever possible.  If you don’t already do it,

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Kale chips

I’m blessed to have a number of food allergies that I’m very grateful for as they keep me on track and encourage me to live a healthy life.  Great reframe right? I’ve always enjoyed homemade goodies and prefer to live a preservative free life, so with the latest Kale craze I thought I’d try it…

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Easy Apple Snack

I’m often looking for something that will sustain me while I’m blogging and can’t be bothered preparing too much. This is a kinda throw it together and just enjoy snack. Ingredients

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