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Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. Hippocrates
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Posts Tagged ‘Satyananda Yoga’

Yoga as a sanity saver

Back in the early ‘90’s I had the great fortune to live next door to Swami Dharma Vidya – a severely motivating teacher indeed. When I first met her, I was regularly using booze and dope to self medicate my fears and shame, all the while trying to be a very good mummy, wife, daughter,…

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Farewell 20/10 ~ thanks for an amazing year!

With less then 6 hours of 2010 left to be lived, I’m filled with awe at what I’ve experienced in the last 365 days. One of my greatest insights to date has been in recognising how privileged I am to BE me. For so many years, I tried to be whoever I thought others wanted…

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Getting ready for Satyananda Yoga Big Shakti Festival India

  Yesterday morning I woke up feeling like I was about to go on the biggest girl guide camp ever! How fascinating that my trip to India inspires such thinking!!! When I was 14 I represented out district for Girl Guides at Camp Kindilin – an international camp held that year in Brisbane. Going on…

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