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Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. Hippocrates
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Water kefir with kick

Water kefir has to be one of the easiest ferments I make. That and beet kvass. I didn’t use to like water kefir and put it on the bottom of my list for ferments. Not now! Once I understood the importance of adding black strap molasses, bi-carb soda, crushed egg shell and lemon that is.  …

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Experimenting with water Kefir in the Tropics

My first attempt at making water kefir ended up in the compost – a disaster to say the least! I gave up on it for awhile and returned my attention to my favourite coconut milk kefir and Kombucha while playing with a few other ferments such as Kvass and Sauerkraut. Then my husband found a…

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