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Water kefir with kick

water kefir

Water kefir has to be one of the easiest ferments I make. That and beet kvass. I didn’t use to like water kefir and put it on the bottom of my list for ferments. Not now! Once I understood the importance of adding black strap molasses, bi-carb soda, crushed egg shell and lemon that is.  

But back to this water kefir recipe. This little beauty is a stock standard water kefir with all the usual goodies added in – see my base recipe here. To get you excited about this recipe check out this 20 seconds of pure excitement over this prebiotic and probiotic bevvy.


 What made this water kefir extra special is the second fermentation process due to the disgusting hot and humid weather we’re still having here in far north Australia. Don’t get me wrong, the sunsets are great and there’s hardly a tourist in sight! However feeling like you’re constantly in a sauna unless unless you’re in air conditioning 24/7 takes its toll. Everything looks lush and green from inside my comfortable air conditioned office. Though walking with the birds, watching the moon sink and the sun rise is quite pleasant.  Any those steamy hot days make a cold glass of fizzy water kefir all the more enjoyable. 

Our climate really does lend itself to quick ferments and this one didn’t disappoint. Once this water kefir had gone through its first fermentation process, within 36 hours of sitting on the bench it had become so fizzy it was almost explosive. Please note: burping isn’t just for booch – it’s important to burp water kefir as well to avoid nasty explosions and believe you me I’ve had enough to not want to have any more. 

As to the ingredients that I chose, well I’m always looking for add-ons to support good gut health. Apple is a prebiotic and ginger and is a powerful digestive aid in and of itself. And chia seeds – well go read this article by Dr Mercola if you need any further reasons for adding these fascinating little seeds into your diet. The mere fact that they expand to multiple times their size and leave you feeling fuller longer is encouraging. But by soaking them your gut is going to be able to digest them easier and they can therefore pass through your digestive track quicker. I actually like to think of chia seeds as mini brooms, going down the highway of our digestive juices mopping up toxins and muck to be eliminated. 

So here’s the recipe for this kick arse fizzy drink packed full of prebiotic and probiotic goodness:

Apple and ginger water kefit
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  1. 1 inch grated ginger
  2. 1/4 cup fresh apple juice
  3. 1 tbsp chia seeds
  1. Add the above ingredients to second fermentation process.
  2. Leave for 24 - 48 hours
  3. Burp and taste regularly
  4. When satisfied with the taste drink at room temp or chill.
  5. Refrigerate
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